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Michael Faulkner, author and editor

“A richly evocative sequel to The Blue Cabin . . .

From Strangford Lough’s resident poet laureate a richly illustrated love song to Islandmore, its surrounding waters, and the people and animals who dwell there.

This gentle, pictorial follow-up to The Blue Cabin by Islandmore resident Michael Faulkner takes the reader on another magical journey, illustrated with the author’s own photographs. In a series of anecdotes Still on the Sound follows the seasons of one twelve-month.

Strangford Lough, was called Strangfjorthr, the turbulent fjord by the Vikings and Louch Cuan, the harbour or peaceful lough by the Celts. It is as Faulkner describes it, “The most inspirational corner of Ireland,” a place of hidden island treasures, teeming bird life, and as its twin names imply, wildly changing moods.

Because of the vividness of the writing the reader experiences the anger of the winter storms and in them becomes lost in the dark, chilled to the marrow. Relief comes with the happiness felt in the lengthening and brightening of spring’s days. From summer’s languor and the pleasures of childhood on a homemade raft the narrative moves on to that feeling of solid permanence the lough inspires annually with the never-failing autumnal return of thousands of Pale-bellied Brent Geese. Strangford is no less a home to them than Islandmore to Michael and Lynn Faulkner.

The author, an ex-lawyer, writes, “The island calls to all of us.” In this work with gentle, self-effacing humour and an unerring eye for detail, both written and photographic, he proves beyond any reasonable doubt the absolute truth of those words.

This work is destined for my shelves. It should be heading for the library of anyone who loves Ireland, Ulster, and Strangford Lough.”

Patrick Taylor, New York Times bestselling author of An Irish Country Doctor

“A breath of fresh air!

..the beautiful photographs which illustrate it provide a perfect foil for the text which itself achieves just the right balance of the anecdotal with the informative and the personal.”

Cornflower Books

“The author is a born story-teller. He writes simply and clearly but to great effect – a classic example of the art that conceals art. He can capture a scene or situation in only a few words, with controlled precision & vivid immediacy. His economy of language, wonderful turns of phrase and eye for telling detail are the marks of a first-class writer. There's a kaleidoscopic variety of interest and emotional tone as the book progresses through the four seasons of the year, beginning with winter – and George! Wit and good humour abound. Most importantly, everything he writes about (and reflects upon) radiates great generosity of spirit, humane concern for all living things & the world we merely share, not own. To read this book is a heart-warming, life-affirming experience…

…In short its appeal is universal. In the most seductively gentle and witty language together with a rich variety of colour photographs, the author gives inspirational proof, in the words of his Introduction "that there is more to life than balance sheets". And bankers' bonuses & all that stuff. Much, much more.”

Dr.Chris Carter

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Still On The Sound - Michael Faulkner

Still On The Sound